The Patter is your chance to voice your opinions, thoughts and feeling about Scotland’s young people, aged 11-26.  This blogging circle has been developed to give you the opportunity to have your say in an open, honest way. We hope this will facilitate debate across all generations, stages and backgrounds around the issues that affect you and your communities.

The Patter is part of the Truth About Youth project. Young Scot has teamed up with The Co-operative Foundation to deliver the Truth About Youth project which aims to challenge negative perceptions of young people in Scotland. To find out how you can get involved go to the Get Involved section.

More about Truth About Youth

Truth About Youth is a three part project that will look to influence negative perceptions in different ways using different methods.

First of all, a training and workshop model will see young people trained to deliver inputs to different generations on challenging negative perceptions of young people.

Secondly, a blogging circle will be set up on an interactive digital platform where a varied intergenerational group of people will lead and provoke discussion on the “Truth About Youth”.

And thirdly, positive media partnerships will be negotiated to help communicate the outputs and outcomes of the projects to as wide an audience as possible.