Renfrewshire Intergenerational Quiz

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Written by Martin on in Strathclyde and West

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The elderly and young people team up for the Renfrewshire Intergenerational Quiz at the Lagoon leisure centre. Four primary schools from around Scotland were paired up with some of Renfrewshire’s older generation. The event was to help bridge the gap between young people and the elderly as they both have experience of living in completely different generations. They were split into four tables where there was a split of young and elderly people at each table.


The first round was a quiz about flags of the world where there was even some flags that I didn’t know myself! The second round was fashion through the ages. Some pupils from East wood high had the chance to dress up as people from these times. They showed off their outfits as the teams had to guess what era they were from.

IMG_0422                                                                IMG_0338

Both groups had something to bring to the table. The young people knew everything about technology, and they proved this in the next round in the quiz where we saw them teaching the elderly people how to play a game of golf… on the Wii! Each team dedicated one elderly person and one young to play on behalf of their team. The young ones all knew what they were doing so they showed the older generation the ropes on how to play golf on the Wii.


The penultimate round was a race to hang up washing, it was judged by an older person who decided who could hang up the washing the fastest but the neatest. The final round included a table setting task where the elderly people showed the young ones how it is done. The young ones raced against the clock as they tried to impress the judges on their table setting skills. It was a successful event enjoyed by everyone who attended.


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