Callum McKay: Young Scot Awards 2014: Volunteering

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Written by Young Scot on in Grampian and Tayside, Fife and Central

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After losing his dad who died having an epileptic fit, Callum went off the rails. He would get drunk most nights and his mum was struggling to cope with him and thought he was going to end up in prison.

The police were constantly bringing Callum home drunk and charges were mounting up.

Despite mum’s pleas Callum’s behavior became worse and he was found carrying a knife.

But Callum got in touch with Xplore Peer Mentoring who helped him turn his life around. He started attending school again has now spent more than 500 hours of volunteering with a certificate under his belt.

Callum has now started an apprenticeship as a baker, waking up at 5am but continuing his volunteering. He now helps mum with his little sister and wants to make his late dad proud.

This video was filmed and produced by Quay Productions, Media Scotland.

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