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Written by Megan Lott (on behalf of JUST DUK 1T) on in Highlands and Islands, Grampian and Tayside, Fife and Central, Lothian, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, Strathclyde and West

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Most people know someone with type 1 diabetes, not many people really know what that means.

Over the last year a group of 16-25 year olds with Type 1 Diabetes from across Scotland have created a website for other young people with Type 1 diabetes and we hope that this shows through.

With the support of Diabetes UK Scotland the JUSTDUK1T project has created a website – www.justduk1t.org.uk – which provides young people with type 1 diabetes a resource that speaks to them and addresses issues that are important to their health and lives.

We launched JUSTDUK1T site on the 9th of September 2013 to over 100 people in Glasgow and were lucky enough that the Young Scot – Truth About Youth team supported us to film the event and create a DVD. We hope that this can be used to raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes, highlight what we have accomplished and let everyone know to take a look at our website because it’s one of a kind.

Type 1 diabetes is a condition which happens when the cells in the pancreas which produce insulin are destroyed. Everyone needs insulin to live and type 1 diabetics rely on getting insulin from injections or an insulin pump, but it’s easier said than done.

There are 25,000 people with Type 1 diabetes under the age of 25 in the UK today and yet until now there were no resources or support aimed at anyone from the age of 11 upwards; it’s as if Type 1 diabetes magically disappears once a person hits puberty. The few resources that there were available to us were always very clinically based and obviously written by health care professionals who have no idea what life with Type 1 is really like to live with.

We hope that this website can fill that gap and let people know that they are not alone, we have ups and downs, good days and bad but it’s ok  - here is your chance to have a voice and be connected so get in touch.


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