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Written by Siobhan Heenan on in Highlands and Islands, Grampian and Tayside, Fife and Central, Lothian, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, Strathclyde and West

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Everyone has their own views and the right to express their opinion and Siobhan Heenan is no different.

Siobhan is part of the Ardrossan Youth Association, a committee of young people, aged between 12 and 20, who are managing their own youth centre in North Ayrshire.

For Siobhan, the general view of young people just doesn’t seem right;

“Older people like adults think young people are trouble. To be honest we aren’t, we may seem the type we are not. All we do is hang about with friends, some of us are in the Ardrossan Youth Association to help the community.

“The young people who attend the youth centre are really nice young people and they make good friends and you become friends quite easily with them because they are that nice. Some people think we are there because of trouble and we are the trouble makers, but they are wrong.”

That’s what Siobhan thinks, what are your views? You can let us know on Twitter – we’re @TAYScotland.

Why not read all about the Ardrossan Youth Association here on The Patter. Watch their video below.

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