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Written by Scott Wilson on in Grampian and Tayside

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Introducing Scott Wilson, one of our recently appointed Truth About Youth Editorial Panel.

Scott Wilson: Dundee’s Dreamer

“Introduce yourself”, the email said. “Easier said than done”, I thought.

I’m Scott Wilson, a member of the up and coming “Truth About Youth project”, that allows those with a passion for journalism, writing, speaking or just plain about Scotland’s young people, to voice their opinion on them.

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Scott Wilson, 17 from Dundee

If it’s a passionate Scott you’re looking for then you’ve found him! (And no I don’t wear a kilt every day and eat tonnes of haggis!) I love my country and am exceptionally proud to have a thick accent, which I hope people abroad enjoy when I go on holiday. If the lovely Señoritas like it them all the better!

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My home city is Dundee and I think it’s a wonderful place to live – We’ve got the silvery Tay (also the name of a “braw” fish and chips shop!), the exciting V&A development and are home to the World Famous© Dundee United. We also have some other small club called Dundee…. Yes I am a loyal Arab and love united to bits. Football is my passion and to me nothing beats being in a massive crowd celebrating an absolute beauty of a goal!

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Ironically it was football that led me to the project; my current ambition is to become a sports journalist. That guy that’s always interviewing/annoying José Mourinho after a match, I want to be him! I love speaking to people and think that it’s incredible how every person has their own unique story to tell. Hopefully I can develop the skills I will need for this during my time with the “Truth About Youth project” group, which I must tell you includes some amazing people.

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So yes, I would love to work in the media but hey, if I don’t make it into sports journalism I might be your new weatherman in ten years! Can you say Sean Batty 2.0?

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However in the meantime I’m trying to develop myself as a person; despite what my first impression may give off now, I was once and incredibly shy person! I hope to finally beat my self-insecurity and to show the world how brilliant, caring and amazing I can be. My favorite films are Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” films. These movies have become a major inspiration to me and Rocky (the main character) is my hero. He says that:

“…Until you start believing in yourself, you ain’t gonna have a life.”

SW 6

Rocky: a big inspiration for Scott

I agree with him. Through this process I would like to grow as a person so that one day I can achieve what I truly want: to be happy, and with a bit of luck I can make a lot of other people happy at the same time.

I have a long way to go but hopefully you can watch me grow into the Scott Wilson I want to be; and I can hopefully have a positive impact on your life as well.

I am Scott Wilson, Dundee’s Dreamer.

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