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Written by Jennifer Smith on in Strathclyde and West

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Introducing Jennifer Smith, one of our recently appointed Truth About Youth Editorial Panel.

Hi my name is Jennifer Smith, I am 16 years old and currently in 5th year at school. How I got to be involved in the truth about youth editorial panel is actually quite simple . My mum was reading the Sunday mail (who we are working with for this project) and pointed out an advert to me for young people to apply for the panel.

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Jennifer Smith, 16 from Glasgow

Straight away I applied, as this sounded like the perfect opportunity for me as I am extremely interested in working in the media industry when I am older. I wanted to be involved in the project because I knew it would provide me with useful work experience that will benefit me later on in life. Already I am picking up valuable knowledge or experiences ?, for instance like writing this blog. Also by being on the truth about you panel I will be able to speak to people who work in the media since I still am not 100% certain what area of the media I would like to work in. So hopefully by talking to them about what they do it will help make up my decision.

That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be part of the truth about youth panel. The other reason is that the media is incredibly influential in today’s society. Reading or hearing just one negative story about youths could change someone’s view on young people completely. What I like to do is try and abolish this negative perception that people have abut young people by proving that not all young people are causing trouble or are badly behaved. For every young person that’s doing something negative there are far more out there doing positive actions. I hope in the future more upbeat stories about youths will be published.

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