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Written by Isaac Callan on in Lothian, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway

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Introducing Isaac Callan, one of our recently appointed Truth About Youth Editorial Panel.

My name is Isaac Callan and I am part of the Truth About Youth Editorial Panel.

In June, I spent a fantastic week of work experience with BBC Sport, sounds pretty great, huh? Well, it was. During my time there I learnt many things, most importantly (particularly for the purpose of this piece) was about journalism and its reliance on a portfolio. Thomas McGuigan, presented me with this nugget of knowledge, told me how he spent the year after he graduated from university with a degree in politics working as a freelance journalist, interviewing MSPs and the like. Then in a job interview for the BBC he presented his folio of work, from the last year, and they offered him a position, with training on the job.

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Isaac Callan, 16 from Edinburgh

When I finished my week of work experience I was set on one thing: creating my folio. I thought that surely there must be other young people out there, in the same boat as me, who wanted to build folios for futures in the media… I decided that if we all pulled together we could contribute all our work into one publication and website, a newspaper entirely written for and run by young people.

After much discussion we (myself, friends and other interested parties) decided to name the publication and website Young Perspective. The paper gave people the chance to work towards deadlines, have their work peer assessed, build towards a folio and have their work published online. As we neared the printing stage for our first issue I approached Young Scot to ask for advice on a number of things from image copyright laws through to their assistance in creating awareness for our newspaper. I spoke to a brilliance man, by the name of Gregor Urqhart, who advised me and also pointed me towards The Truth About Youth Editorial Panel, I felt it was an excellent idea and an excellent opportunity, so I applied and was lucky enough to receive a place on the team.

The panel is made up of people my age, 16, and people a little older – they’re all really nice! We have discussed the way young people are portrayed in the media at length during two meetings so far and I really feel that our group can achieve its goal in improving young people’s image in the media at the moment. One encouraging sign was our meeting with the Daily Record and its Editor in Chief, Allan Rennie. He was very behind the idea of our panel and incredibly supportive.

I feel that our team can change the way that young people are viewed in the media and I am very much looking forward to working with the other members of the panel, members of Young Scot and the Daily Record/Sunday Mail team.

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