Employment is up, but are jobs easier to come by?

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Written by Ruairidh Tait on in Highlands and Islands, Grampian and Tayside, Fife and Central, Lothian, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, Strathclyde and West

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It was announced in the news yesterday that youth employment in Scotland is up by almost 11,000, but is it any easier for young people to find a job?

You may think that’s a silly question – it must be, more 18 to 24 year olds are working. However, there are still tweets upon tweets crying out for jobs.

BBC Radio 1′s Newsbeat pointed out last month that ‘job snobs’ may be the cause of a young person’s struggle to find employment. In their report, they found that young people, like 23 year-old Artur Conka, were turning down jobs as they weren’t relevant to the degree he had studied.

Team TAY are on a mission to find out the true story. What is it like for a young person in Scotland to get a job? Are you struggling to find anything? Or are the jobs just not suitable for you? Maybe you have found a job and are working happily. Whatever the case, we want to hear how it is for you – positive or negative.

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