Truth About Youth by Katie Fegan, 16

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Written by Katie Fegan on in Lothian, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway

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Imagine being told you could achieve your childhood dream, being told that when you made that wish upon a star it really would come true. I recently asked two of my best friends, Meg and Kirsten, what they wanted to do when they were seven years old. Kirsten wanted to be a paleontologist Meg wanted to be Scooby-Doo. They then rightfully enquired, “Why do you ask?” I simply responded “because I’m living my dream” When I was seven, I wanted to write and record music.

Katie Fegan

In the Beginning…

All this started back in October on a Tuesday evening. I had a lot of maths homework to do, and I mean a lot! The thought of starting to work through that mountain of misery was giving me a headache, so I sat down at my piano for a while. It was then I remembered I’d been asked to write a song for the Love Drama 12-16s, since I came to them the week before with my version of “The 4 Chord Song” by Axis of Awesome. I had being trying to write songs for years but it never amounted to anything, but this time it was different. I took inspiration from the One Day event the group attended last August, and the lyrics came so naturally and the accompaniment soon followed. I couldn’t stop working on it! Two days later it was done, and I was proud of my work. Looking back on it now I realise why this song was the only song I could complete; I cared about what I was writing and was passionate about the message I was trying to put across.

The Friday of that week I sat down at a badly tuned piano and performed my work to the group. I was terrified since I’d never performed my own work before, and I had just recovered from a throat infection. Since I was facing the other way I couldn’t see anyone’s faces, so for most of the song I was in fear that people were giving me looks of disgust. Then towards the end I heard the whole group singing back to me, my own words, my own song. Seriously, when professional musicians say there is nothing better than an audience singing their lyrics back to them, they’re right! A huge cheer erupted from the group and I was pulled into a huge group hug, with loads of people offering to help and giving me compliments. It was amazing, and I confess I got a bit teary eyed…

The Project is Born…

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