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Written by Cameron Fairgrieve on in Lothian, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway

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Young people today are perceived as being trouble makers, out to hurt people and vandalise things. Some young people carry knifes and that impacts on everyone else as people think all young people in a ‘hoodie’ must be carrying a knife. This view needs to change because it affects young people who are trying to do good things with their lives.

Young people have nothing to do and they face difficulties such as being unemployed because there are no jobs, so some of them turn to drugs and alcohol and join gangs so they can belong to something. If there were more things for young people to do there would be much less gangs and more happy young people.

A group of young people hanging out on the street

After I attended a job fair in December 2012, I applied to work Young Scot as part of the Community Jobs Fund. I got an interview a week before Christmas, they phoned me the same night and said they would like to offer me the position. I accepted and started in January 2013. Since I started working for Young Scot, my opinion on young people has changed. I thought I knew what they were all like because I’m young too but I was very wrong. There are loads of young people out there doing great things.

Young people are involved in positive things like music

A positive example of this is the Young Scot Awards. These showed me how much good young people can do such as standing up to bullies, training for the commonwealth games and getting out of gangs and becoming youth workers to help others do the same and make their lives better.

Young actor Paul Brannigan picks up his entertainment award

Jess Ryan was named Young Scot Of The Year 2013

I’ve also met with young people from all over the country and they are all very inspiring with what they do. I think the negative perception of young people needs to stop, just because some are bad doesn’t mean we all are.

It would be great to hear some of your positive stories about Scotland’s young people. Comment below to join the discussion.

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