Team 1: Young Scot Awards 2013: Community

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Written by Young Scot on in Lothian, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway

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Team 1, a group consisting of  4 young people aged 14 – 15 in Blackburn, West Lothian are committed to making their community safer, better and crime-free.  With Community Action Blackburn, they helped raise £50,000 of funding for a new play park and launched an under-age alcohol campaign, to both on and off sales premises called “Can’t Tell, Don’t Sell”.

The group led discussions on preventing the underage and agent purchase of alcohol and have ensured that training is now been provided for all staff of licensed premises. They have also provided for the young people in the community with acceptable proof of age ID.

Team 1 have also been working with primary school kids to try tackle the issue of territorialism that can grow from a very early age.

Click below to hear Team 1′s amazing story.

This video was filmed and produced by Quay Productions, Media Scotland.

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