Sue McWhirter: Young Scot Awards 2013: Cultural Diversity

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Written by Young Scot on in Strathclyde and West

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Bullied both in and out of school for being a lesbian, Sue McWhirter refused to ignore the taunts. Rather than do nothing, the brave teenager challenged homophobia and changed attitudes.

Sue has presented to the Stonewall Education Champions group and has subsequently told her story in a DVD as part of an LGBT peer education programme in East Ayrshire.   This will be a local and national resource in which Sue’s story will support other LGBT young people to stand up for their rights.  The DVD will also provide information to teachers and youth workers to assist them in understanding how they can better support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people as well as tackle homophobic bullying.  An inspiration to other young people, Sue is a valued member of the Peer Education Youth Group.

Click below to hear Sue’s amazing story.

This video was filmed and produced by Quay Productions, Media Scotland.

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  • Alice

    Sue, thanks for your gutsiness! I am in awe at you lassie, from an older (transplanted) Scot! Proud to put your piece on my FB page today.