South Ayrshire Intergenerational Event

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Written by Young Scot on in Strathclyde and West

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A local showcase event has been run in South Ayrshire aimed at promote the positive intergenerational work being carried out across the local authority. This event provided a fantastic opportunity to showcase the steps being taken by young people to promote the truth about youth.

The event, delivered by South Ayrshire Council in partnership with Generations Working Together,  saw a host of local projects come together to share achievements and best practise about how best to engage with communities. Contributing groups included students from Greenwood Academy in Irvine, Active Schools from East Ayrshire and Volunteer Centre in East Ayrshire.

Alan Farrell, a group participant with Scottish Coastal Rowing who presented on the day said, “The current perception of young people is flawed. It’s not accurate – they pick up on the negatives and they don’t promote the positives. Our experience has been very positive. It’s amazing how well the older generation got on with the younger generation. There was never any friction, or arguments. It was a very friendly and informative experience.”

Watch the video to find out more about the impact this work is having on the perceptions of young people in these communities.

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