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Written by North Glasgow Housing Association on in Strathclyde and West

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In June, Truth About Youth linked up with a group of young volunteers from North Glasgow Housing Association. These young people were involved in organising and co-ordinating events and asked us to work with them top help bring a Truth About Youth element to the events.

The group had planned and organised two local events, both aimed at bringing people in their local community together to celebrate life in North Glasgow. These events, which would be attended by people of all ages, provided a great opportunity for the group to engage with local residents, gauge perceptions of young people in the area and see if they could challenge and change existing views of young people by proving they have a passion and determination to see their community brought together.

The event management group at a Truth About Youth training session

Young Scot provided training in filming and producing films as well as training on how to run intergenerational activities and gathering evaluation. The group designed interview questions which they believed would help get discussion going about how young people are perceived in the area. These questions also helped them to gauge the success of the youth led events in showing people, in the face of criticism that young people are lazy and apathetic, that they care about their community.

The two planned events were to be held in Springburn and PossilPark.

The video below shows the opinions of local residents that were captured on film at the Possil Park event which was held on 10th Auguts 2012.

What do you think of the view expressed? Do you agree or disagree? Are young people treated fairly where you live or are they negatively stereotyped because of the actions of the minority? We would love to hear your thoughts. Comment below to let us know.

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