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Over the past few days, Do Something UK’s Reverse Riots campaign has expoded all over social media. This campaign is all about shattering myths that exist about young people and promoting the truth. It has been amazing to hear all the positive stories that are being shared about young people across the UK.

We’re all very aware that negative images in the media can have a huge impact on how society views young people. Unfortunately, young people can feel that they are all tarred with the same brush when it comes to the actions of the minority.

Truth About Youth, supported by the Co-operative Foundation is a project that, over the past few years, has been challenging these negative stereotypes of young people across the UK. This project has been delivered since 2009 and in Scotland, Young Scot have been delivering this work since 2010. In Glasgow alone we engaged with over 16,500 people. 86% of those who directly engaged with our young volunteers through workshops said that their opinions of young people had been positively impacted.

As the national Truth About Youth project for Scotland, we’d like to invite you to comment on Scotland’s young people, share positive stories and examples of the amazing things that our young people do on a daily basis. There are lots of ways you can get involved in Truth About Youth on The Patter – blogs, video blogs, the ‘Have Your Say’ survey (to name but a few)…but why not start today by posting a comment here! Let’s celebrate Scotland’s young people and in doing so, shatter the unfair stereotypes that exist!

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  • Marky

    Scotland’s young people are misunderstood. So many young people do great things but are made to feel useless by the actions of some young people. It’s wonderful that people are finally talking about the good and not focussing on the bad. Long may this continue!