Young Musicians Need Your Support

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Written by Jordan Mayes on in Lothian, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway

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People often say, “young people these days don’t achieve anything” or “young people just want everything given to them on a plate and don’t want to work for it!” I don’t think this is true. The music industry is a fine example of this. Sure, there are people who expect not to have to work hard and ply their trade and just turn up for an audition on a TV show and expect to make millions. But there are also lots of young people, like me who have worked really hard to earn our stripes as musicians. I feel we should respect these young people for the dedication, hard work and determination they show. Not to mention the amazing skills they possess. If we encouraged our young people more…not just to be academic but also to be creative, then I’m sure we’d be much richer as a society for it.

There are loads of amazingly creative young people in Scotland. And do these young people want it easy? If they did, they would be working in mundane jobs, earning cash and living the high life off their earnings. Musicians on the other hand are happy to overlook the money, security and the easy life to work hard for what they believe in. It is not an easy ride having no money but we do it because we believe in the skills that we have and we want to work hard to make a life for ourselves using these skills. Take it from me being in a band isn’t’s basically a way of robbing yourself of money!

There are also major problems for unsigned music in Scotland as not enough people go out to see artists these days and support the scene due to this a lot of venues are closing down from lack of business. I think if we as a society supported our young musicians more, we would create more opportunities for them. So if you like a band or want a night out I highly suggest you go and see an unsigned band. I have to admit the amount of event’s I have attended and not known a single artist playing and have became a fan instantly is unreal. For example most of the artists I listen to are from my area or toured for their first time and I just so happened to be there. Now they’re on my IPod which I listen to every day.

Music is a part of everyone’s live and no one can escape it. Lets support our creative young people and help them to see that hard work does pay off and that we as a society respect them for the hard work they put in!

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