What You See Is Not Always What You Get

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Written by Anon on in Grampian and Tayside

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Young people like nothing better than to drink, fight, take drugs, disturb their neighbours, frighten old ladies, skive school, not work, graffiti walls etc etc etc. Well, according to the newspapers anyway. In fact it’s not just the papers. It’s the TV, the internet, on the radio…once again the list goes on.
Why is it, wherever you turn, young people are made to look like this? If you are being completely honest, how often do you actually see young people doing these things? I’m not going to pop on my rose tinted specs and pretend we are all prefect but really, are we as bad as we are constantly told we are? I don’t think so.
As a young person I have had quite a lot of firsthand experience of young people. Shock that, isn’t it. Often the people who accuse us of being a waste of space have had far less actual experience of young people. So why is their opinion more valid than that of young people?

Yes I have experienced situations where I’ve seen people my doing things that they should have been doing. And yes, I have seen times when things have got seriously out of hand. But at the same time I know for sure this these things rarely happen. The majority of the time we just go about our own business. We don’t want to cause any grief to people and we don’t want to make people’s lives a misery. It annoys me when we all get made out to be like that. We are not.
I work hard, I’m decent to people, I don’t go out of my way to cause trouble or to be a nuisance. I know lots of other people my age who are like this. I wish people would see this and give us some credit.

Where are all the stories about the good things that we do? Why don’t you ever see these in the paper? Just within my group of friends there are people who work jobs, study hard, volunteer, help at the football club, help with the young group. Why don’t you ever hear about these things? This is a better example of what we are like than the stories you read in the paper. This is more true. I’m not a ned. I resent being called one and being made to feel like one. I do as much good stuff as the adults I know. Now I think it’s time that we were treated with the same respect as they are.

If teenagers are doing stuff they shouldn’t be doing then fair enough, they should get all the stick they deserve. But please don’t think I’m one of them and don’t treat me the same way.

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