We’re All Neds? Aye Right!

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Written by Ross Cullen on in Strathclyde and West

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We all know what a ‘NED’ is don’t we? They wear god awful clothes, listen to god awful music and drink Buckfast. They are also scum and like nothing better than smashing windows (and people’s teeth). Of course, all young people are NEDs aren’t they? Course not. Proof? You’re reading a blog by a decidedly ‘Anti-Ned’.

I’m as far away from being a NED as is possible. Ah mean, fair do’s, ah’ve kept the accent ye know mahn? But apart from that, I’ve nothing in common with “Big Jimmy fae Shettleston.” I wear jeans, like heavy metal and can actually string a coherent sentence together. To go further, I know about four NEDS and they’re all OK.

None of them are my good friends buy they’re OK. They go out and get steaming but they don’t commit any crimes. I know about ten times that amount of people who are nothing like NEDs. So, what I’m saying (in a long winded and roundabout way) is that young people aren’t all Buckfast drinking, tracksuit wearing, crap music listening Non Educated Delinquents. We’re actually alright. Mostly…am I right or am I right?

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