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If you believe everything you read, you wouldn’t be surprised if you heard about a group of young people painting on walls at the local school. However, this is no case of graffiti and vandalism. These young people have very different intentions.

We Fit is a group of eight young people who are making a real difference to others and the way they are perceived by other in Rosyth. The group are doing a great deal to make their area a better place to live.

Determined to shake of the perception that young people just hang about the streets with nothing to do and no motivation to get actively involved in community life, this group set about a project that would brighten up their community and show residents that young people do care and want to make a positive impact in their town.

The group painted a playground shelter at a local primary school, decorating it with cartoon characters based on the suggestions of the school pupils. Graffiti had previously been a problem in the shelter but as a result of the group’s work this is now no longer a problem. As a result, everyone in the school and the surrounding area is thrilled with the result.

The We Fit group also feel that the experience has been a valuable experience in terms of their own personal development and their decision to make a positive impact in their community has helped them to make positive changes in their own lives to prevent themselves from falling into less constructive activities.
The group are extremely proud of what they have achieved so far and they are keen to continue their volunteering work with other groups in the future.

Many local residents, including the Police, have been impressed by the positive impact the group have made.

Young people are often seen as anti-social, vandals but this story shows that these young people are undeserving of these labels. We’d love to hear about the amazing work that young people are doing in your area. Post your stories below!

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