A Helping Hand

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Written by Sam Neilson on in Strathclyde and West

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Breaking News. Young people are not always as bad as they are made out to be. Sean Neilson certainly turns perceptions on their head.

People who know Sean describe him as an inspiration. He has been described as having an infectious personality and passion for helping others. This video gives a bit of insight into who Sean is and what makes him want to make such an impact in Scotland.

You’ll see pretty quickly that Sean has a multitude of skills and is involved in a number of great activities, which he dedicates his time to for free.

Sean has faced difficulties in his life but he hasn’t let these take away his determination to make a positive difference in the lives of others. The impact he has made goes far beyond Scotland.

Sean is a great example of the passion and heart young people in Scotland have for others. His tireless efforts to help others are remarkable. Although this is just one example, Sean’s story is representative of many young people across Scotland who give themselves to good causes.

When we read stories about young people in newspapers or online, don’t you think it would be great to hear more of these good things as opposed to some of the negative things we often read?

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