Student Life: Fact or Fiction?

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Written by Lauren Cosgrove and Louisa Sala on in Strathclyde and West

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It is perceived that young people only get into further education because of the lifestyle that comes with it. Free money from SAAS, looking more forward to Freshers’ Week rather than starting their new course and the prospect of having a yearlong party because there is no exam at the end of their first year.

But is it so difficult to just think for one minute that students choose to go into education because they want to improve on their qualifications and get a job at the end?

They wish to better their lives, become independent, meet new people and get opportunities they might not of had without going to university first?

Of course you do have the stereotypical students. Of course there is that one guy at the back that drinks his way through the year and STILL manages to get a better grade than you because he managed to pull all the work from his arse at the end of the year, but still, why should that image be the stereotypical student? Why not the person that stays behind till 7pm to finish their work? Why not the person that arrives 20 minutes early to read over previous class notes?

The media and people in our society find it easier to judge and criticise. We focus on the negative, but why should we be stuck in old times?

At the end of the year that person who stayed behind all those hours had a sense of achievement, they were the only ones who pushed themselves to meet their goals.

So what are we? Lazy, selfish and a drain on social resources or a hard working and ambitions young person/teenager?

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