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Written by Gavin Drysdale on in Strathclyde and West

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It’s not every day that an 11 year old boy changes the world of sport, but that is exactly what Gavin Drysdale is doing, not only in Scotland but throughout Great Britain and further afield.

Gavin was born with low muscle tone which means he has difficulty with all muscle movements and coordination. He also has difficulty speaking, however, this hasn’t stopped him being vocal when it comes to his sport, RaceRunning.

At first, it was all about fun and freedom but it didn’t take long to see that Gavin was very quick on his RaceRunner (a bike/walking frame). Since then, he has won numerous medals and now has four world records, latterly at the world disability games in Dubai.

Gavin has been a torch bearer in Scotland for RaceRunning and thanks to him, there are now competitions throughout the country. Gavin is a wonderfully determined young person and an ambassador for sport. He has a passion for helping others to achieve their own goals.

This story, coupled with all the amazing stories we read about young people in the run up to the Olympic and Commonwealth games, show that Scotland’s young people really are excelling in sport. Let’s celebrate our young people’s achievements, not because they are young…or Scottish but because they are amazing full stop.

We often hear about young people being lazy and having no motivation. In the case of young people like Gavin, this simply isn’t the case.

Do you know any young people who are achieving great success in sport? Share your stories and comments below!

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