Young Publishers: Turning The Page

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Written by Mark Buckland on in Strathclyde and West

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Scotland’s young people are amazing. They are skilled, innovative, creative and passionate about what they do and how they can use this to make a positive impact on their communities. This video gives insight into the difference that one young Scot is making in Glasgow.

Mark Buckland is the founder of Cargo Publishing. He also teaches publishing at the University of Edinburgh and is the literary editor of, a site which showcases the best art in Glasgow.

Cargo have become one of the pre-eminent indie publishers in Scotland, during a time when the industry itself is contracting. As a result of Mark’s passion and drive, Cargo have won Best Newcomers at the List magazine awards in 2011 and have been innovative with digital media, social networking and live events to break new authors in Scotland.

As well as all this, Cargo as now official publishers of the Dundee Book Prize, the judge of which is Stephen Fry, and have formed a business partnership with McSweeney’s – the famous American indie publishing house.

Cargo is run by a group of young people in their early twenties on a shoestring budget and has reinvigorated the Scottish literature scene with its energy and youthfulness.

On top of all of this, Mark also writes and campaigns on mental health issues and is a two-time winner if the Keith Wright Creative Writing Prize.

Mark is a shining example of what Scotland’s young people are like and can achieve when people give them a chance. I’m sure he will continue to be a success in the future. This is a truly remarkable story. Do you know what the best thing about this story is though? Mark is not alone. Scotland is full of young people with the same drive, determination and passion to succeed. Perhaps if, as a society, we supported our young people and gave them a chance instead of unfairly labelling them all as neds, yobs and anti-social delinquents, we would see them take their opportunity and shine!

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