Peer Education, Not Peer Pressure

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Written by Dumbarton Road Corridor Addiction Forum on in Strathclyde and West

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When it comes to issues such as drug and alcohol misuse, young people are often thought of as the problem rather than the solution. The Dumbarton Road Corridor Addiction Forum are a group of young people who are turning this misconception on its head.

This group of 13 – 16 year olds have been delivering substance misuse awareness sessions in schools, teaching young people about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

The Peer Education team, made up of young people from local high schools Notre Dame High, St Thomas Aquinas and Knightswood Secondary, created a six week programme aimed at telling young people about substance misuse in a fun and informative way. These sessions have been a resounding success and have made a positive impact on young people across the local area. The work they do has been highly praised by teachers and schools and their work is seen as a key element in the education of young people about drugs.

As well as this, the group run session in youth groups around Glasgow and also run intergenerational sessions with groups, in particular the We Step Together adult group. These amazing young people have changed the way they are seen in their community for the better. They are well respected and well liked by adults in their community and their hard work receives the recognition it deserves.
Does this sound like the stereotypical view of young people we often hear or see in the news? These young people are an incredible example of what young people can do if give the chance. They are a shining light in their local community and their work is helping to shatter the myth that young people are the problem when it comes to issues around substance misuse. These young people truly are part of the solution!

What are your views? Are drugs and alcohol really young people’s issues or is this a false perception that is unfairly pinned on young people? Tell us what you think!

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