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Written by Get To Know Your Techno Group on in Highlands and Islands

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There is a common perception that young people and older people don’t mix. Young people would rather spend time with people their own age and don’t care about helping others in their community. However, one group of young people, from, Ullapool, are proving that this stereotype is simply not the case.

The Get to Know Your Techno group consists of fifteen young people aged 12 -18 who have been holding drop-in sessions for older people in their community to help them understand and be able to use all sorts of modern technology from mobile phones to iPads.

Their work has been a resounding success and has helped to break down barriers between the generations in Ullapool.
The group have received recognition for the work that they do. In 2010, the group won an award from th Highland Council for supporting communities and older people, and since then, the young people have been running various training sessions in effective intergenerational project working.

Not only are this group determined to help older people in their community but they are also now making a positive difference in the lives of other young people as they deliver training sessions to other youth groups across the highlands.
This group are a credit to young people and show what young people today can and are achieving.

Does this story challenge your view of young people in Scotland? Do you think young people deserve better recognition for the work that they do? Do you know young people who are similarly involved in positive activities? We’d love to hear about them!

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