Breaking Down Barriers

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Written by Young Scot on in Strathclyde and West

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Here is an example of a young person who is dramatically changing the way he and other young people like him are perceived in their local area.

Edward Johnstone, aged 19, from Cranhill in Glasgow is an inspiring young man. There are many negative stereotypes and negative perceptions about young people in his area but Eddie is proving, despite the odds being stacked against him, that young people can change the way other people see them.

A volunteer since 2010, with the Playbusters Community Group and other youth groups, he has made a huge impact on the lives of other young people in the area by completing over 600 hours of voluntary work.

He has encouraged young people to play outside, by teaching them traditional games. This has had an impact on health in the area and also helped local kids to enjoy the outdoors more. He has also be instrumental in securing funding to help others in the community. Through volunteering with the ‘Walk on the Wild Side’  project, he has helped to build a community wildlife garden.

As well as all this, he has taken part in community clean ups, picking up litter and educating  young people to make the streets cleaner and brighter. He also visits Sheltered Housing complexes and has been a huge impact with the residents.

On Friday nights at Celtic Park, Edward helps break down territorial barriers by getting kids from various areas across the East End to take part in various activities including football, cycling and arts and crafts.

In other words…he is an example of just how amazing Scotland’s young people are. He is a truly remarkable example of what can be achieved by young people. After hearing this, how anyone still feels they can say Scotland’s young people are good for nothing and lazy is beyond me!


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